Composition Classes


Compose for a solo instrument : Piano , Strings, Woodwind and Brass ONLY
K901 Children Class Born after 31.10.2010 Duration within 4 minutes $40 USD
K902 Youth Class Born after 31.10.2002 Duration within 6 minutes $45 USD
K903 Open Class All Ages Duration within 7 minutes $50 USD
Compose for an ensemble (3 – 8 person) : Piano , Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion ONLY
K904 Children Class Born after 31.10.2008 Duration within 5 minutes $40 USD
K905 Youth Class Born after 31.10.2000 Duration within 6 minutes $45 USD
K906 Open Class All Ages Duration within 7 minutes $50 USD

1. The composer’s name should NOT appear on the submitted score and recording.
2. The scores must be presented in PDF, they must be attached to the email they are sent from and they must be written preferably with a computer program (Finale, Sibelus, etc.). 3. Handwritten and scanned scores are allowed, but if they are deemed illegible or not clear by the Jury Panel, they will be eliminated from the competition.
4. Score may include program and performance notes
5. An mp3 file (audio recording, if available, Midi realisation) OR
6. Video (submit with a youtube link)
7. A separate word document linking the pseudonym and title to the composer’s identity, which includes e-mail address, program note (within 200 words)

Please ensure that the name of the contestant is the same as shown on the official identification document. The Date of Birth and the Contestant’s Name will be verified for the winners in each category.

(max file size 128 MB)

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